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Feb 4, 2013 9:00am EST
same plan. raise taxes, cut services, cut deficits, and that austerity was never given a credible grade, for example, by many investors, thinking, of course, it wasn't a great strategy. i concur. here's the problem, though. you know, austerity by definition is, you know, deficit cutting with less benefits and services. now, it is a horrible word. and, of course, many governments and politicians grabbed on to it because they really don't want deficit cutting and they don't want less benefits and services. but it is pretty hard to call it austerity as we go into, what, year six of post credit crisis activity. and global economics don't dictate we're doing a heck of a lot better, even though we had some jumps in growth, which kind of can be predicated on high levels of stimulus, maybe don't call it stimulus, maybe you call it just three to four years of big deficits. now, quid pro quo on the other hand seems to be the relationship that dictates who the big buyers are of very high quality, relatively speaking sovereign debt, whether it is boons, treasuries, guilts or ooth oaths. we need a w
Feb 12, 2013 9:00am EST
the debt and have a long way to go. this president needs to engage on our debt deficit. that's critical. second, i hope it won't be that partisan. hope it will be bipartisan. realizing america has a budget problem and americans have tightened their belts and it's time we did in washington. >> i'm not as optimistic as you are. after four years, i can pretty much tell you all the issues out there and a lot of good ideas. you brought up jobs. really, isn't there a philosophical difference here. that the spending money government orchestrated version of trying to create jobs versus the type of job creation you as an acknowledged conservative believe in. thoughts? >>> ran a business for 33 years. job creation needs to be done in private sector, not in government. we heard rumors the president will talk about more government stimulus and more government jobs. that's not the solution. that perpetuates the problem. we need to get center rtainty i regulation and move this country forward. >> when it comes to regulation, you were one of several authors who wrote the original no child lef
Feb 8, 2013 9:00am EST
balance which saw deficits shrinkage of about, what, close to 21%. all of these december numbers are going to impact potential revisions to gdp for the fourth quarter, which we received last week. and it was a paltry minus .1 of 1%. we'll watch this number very carefully. interest rates have moved up with stocks. wholesale inventories shrank .1 of 1%. sales were unchanged at a goose egg. we were expecting .4 on inventories. this is going to be very key as we factor in some of our potential revisions for the next look at fourth quarter gdp, which comes at the end of the month. here we get close, within two basis points of 2%. remember, we started out around 193, 194 today and closed last week at the highest yield close going back to april at 2.02. >> rick santelli, thank you. not too much reaction in terms of the major averages to that data. it is important to keep in mind, with these gains here, we're now positive for the week. definitely for the s&p 500. this is a new high, by the way, on the spx. up almost eight points. the nasdaq as you see there, outperforming of the major th
Feb 11, 2013 9:00am EST
had the same notion, why item doing the rick santelli in this light. whether tax or deficits, it seems as though james stewart needs to go to a lot of different media and explain the herd mentality. just look at debt and deficits, i am not picking on the "new york times." we know the "new york times" for the most side will side with the progressive liberals and other papers go the other way. the point is in five, 10 years the deficits completely blow up, as mr. stewart point out since nobody went the other way, there's safety in numbers. when it all goes down the tube, my gosh, what a surprise. get everybody that covers politics to kick the tire. consider they may not know the outcome as intensely and as positively as those analysts that you depicted on apple. it just amazes me he is so correct on apple but many reporters that cover politics are so blinded by the notion that they're speeding down a highway and they have no idea there may be cars going the other way. back to you. >> rick santelli, thank you. apple is reportedly experimenting with wristwatches that have the functio
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4